TCG Logistics (TCG) was born to support the demand of a global, modern logistics enterprise in a quickly developing global economy. Founded in China and now serving all of Asia Pacific, TCG Global Logistics is a Chinese company that established and incorporated in China. The company's address and main headquarters are located in the city of Shanghai in China and also holds offices in Shenzhen and agencies in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Chengdu.

Our network spans the Yangtze River Delta and the Bahai Gulf, including relationships with a number of multinational corporations and enterprises in China, enabling rapid growth in the business of international purchase, transportation, warehousing, distribution, agency and trading. With advanced management, service, and transportation supply, we ensure safe, smooth and cost-efficient work for clients who seek our services to and from the Asia Pacific region, and provide a spirit of innovation to help you become competitive in your industry


What are some of things you can rely on?


Integrity: For customers, employees, partners and shareholders, we offer nothing less than absolute, open communication and quality service. Here at TCG, customers get full information, and personal service.

Financial Strength: TCG’s financial division has vast experience, knowledge and connectivity with the Chinese authorities. This includes a long term, reliable relationship with China’s largest banks and computerized financial system, which enables direct connectivity to suppliers, worldwide agents, airlines, ground handling providers, and more. 

Quality:  Our team of foreign experts will ensure that you receive the quality you need and expect to keep your operations running coherently— no language barriers to cross here.

Multi-Channel Service: You can rely on the effectiveness that comes with our multi-channel service, mixing and matching transportation options to match your needs and get your goods shipped as quickly and affordably as possible.

Extensive Network: Our reliable service is based on a network of 250 transportation agencies on a global scale, assuring that you have a myriad of options and a maximum return on investment. With 90 global origin and destination locations, there’s no shortage of options in maximizing your productivity.


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